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ItalyBenvenuto to, your guide to the brief history of Italy, Italian cuisine and Italian wines, and resources for those who want to visit Italy! One of the cultural hotspots of the world, Italy has been important in world history in one way or another for the past few millennia, stretching all the way back to the rise of ancient Rome on the Italian peninsula and beyond, through the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and the various Italian city-states and kingdoms that comprised the Italian peninsula throughout the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and early modernity, to today’s unified Italian state.

The culture of Italy, like its history, is not uniform but rather diverse and multifaceted, with many regional flavors in language, custom and habit, foods and drinks. Speaking of which, the cuisine of Italy has been very widely appreciated throughout the world–pizza, pasta, spaghetti, meatballs come to mind, but of course there is a lot more to Italian foods than these!–not to mention noble Italian wines of all kind, which are very popular for their exquisite tastes and histories.

And while you can have Italian food and sip the best Italian wines anywhere in today’s globalized world, nothing compares to an actual visit to this magnificent Mediterranean paradise. From large, sprawling cities (like the capital, Rome) to tiny villages in the countryside, the regional distinctions between Northern and Southern Italy, and of course the island of Sicily; with a myriad of (mainly Catholic) churches with hundreds of years of history behind them, and of course the Holy See of the Vatican itself, Italy promises excitement, fun, and adventure to anyone who wants to savor its beauty!